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All of Wirral's allotment sites now have a waiting list.

Waiting times vary for all sorts of reasons and are difficult to predict. At the most popular sites there are many more people waiting for an allotment than there are plots available on the site. The following section is designed to show you where Wirral's allotment sites are, and to give you an approximate guide to which sites have the shortest waiting times. This is currently based on waiting list figures for November 2013, and the number of plots on each site.

Find-a-plot map

Sites have been divided into three categories to give a guide to waiting times, and marked on the map below in different colours as follows:

map keylongest waiting times

shortest waiting times

medium waiting times

How to get an allotment

Wirral Council's website has a section on allotments

If you visit this page you can apply for an allotment using their online application form, or contact them via email or telephone.

The waiting list is too long

Don't be put off applying for a plot because the waiting list is very long in your area of Wirral. The only way the council can know about the unmet demand for allotments in your area is by looking at the length of the waiting list.